Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catching Up

this will be a post full of pictures..... it is my attempt at trying to show you all what I've been stitching before and after my update in August..... these will be in no order, but thot you'd like to see what's been going on.....

'Forever and For Always' wedding sampler by Victoria Sampler for my youngest son and his fiance.... I am planning on stitching it 2 more times for the other kids' aniversaries:

'Bless Our Home' by Country Cottage Needleworks..... I stitched this 3 times so far (Christmas gifts for 3 of our 4 sons) -- one for Marty, one for Bill and one for Brian.... have one more to do once Doug gets married in December:

'Mayflower Landing' by Little House Needleworks..... this will be going to the framer on Friday:

'From Sea to Shining Sea' by Little House Needleworks:

'Heart of America' by Little House Needleworks:

'Pixie Bluebell' by Nora Corbett:

'Pixie Fern' by Nora Corbett:

'Verandas of South Battery' by Graphs by Barbara and Cheryl -- this is an actual street in Charleston, South Carolina:

'Secret Love' by John Clayton:

'Shimmering Mermaid' by Mirabila:

'Rose Thread Pouch' by Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours..... the pouch itself was a Limited release from Impie Hattie & Bea:

'Heirloom Stitching Sampler' by Victoria Sampler...... this was my first try at 'cut work' and it turned out just fine... this is the framed piece and the 2 below it are the top and bottom so you can see the detail better:

'Beach Cottage' by Country Cottage Needleworks:

'Traveling Stitcher' by Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours with another Limited release from Impie Hattie & Bea:

'Dorothy's Pink Flamingos', 'Natasha's Violets' and 'Eloise's Roses' by Alchemy Stitchcraft:

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