Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Rebecca

Another beautiful day.... sunny and bright, but chilly.....

I finished up about half of my newest start - Rebecca by John Clayton..... her seven day rotation is up and I'd like you to meet her....     she is about half finished.... this first half took 37.75 hours....

you can meet all her friends in my Webshots album, if you'd like....

it is getting closer to my 'Up for a Challenge' start on January first 2011..... I have all my WIP's and projects that I want to get done in 2011..... here's my list:

Savannah Romance - Thomas Kincade
White Nights of St. Petersburg - Marina Weber-Rosenburg
Georgiana - John Clayton
Rebecca - John Clayton
Carol Singers Sampler - Victoria Sampler
Medieval Town Mandala - Martina Weber-Rosenburg
Lady Hera - Mirabilia
Family Sampler - Little House Needleworks
Hummingbird Garden - Martina Weber-Rosenburg
Flamenco Dancer - John Clayton
Babe's Honey Farm - Victoria Sampler
Liberty Lane - Country Cottage Needleworks
Picnic at Royal Roads - Charles White
Pumpkin Cottage - Country Cottage Needleworks
At Day's End - Charles White
Snowflake Serenade - Country Cottage Needleworks
Bayside Bungalows - Country Cottage Needleworks

Wish me luck!!

Be Well,   Claire


Cyndi said...

She's beautiful! So lifelike. Good luck on your 2011 challange. I still need to get mine together and post.

Tricia said...

Oh, she's beautiful! I love your idea for a 7 day rotation. Once my "start 15 in 15 days" challenge has started, I think I'll pick about 4 at a time and try that.

Looks like you have a good list!

Isadarena said...

What a beautiful Lady she is :-))your idea of rotation is great and I think I'll do the same as well:-)

ana~stitch said...

I LOVE her, I'm going to have to look for this pattern. You're doing a wonderful job with her!

Joysze said...

"Nice to meet you, Rebecca. You're one lovely lady."

Claire, I'll be cheering you on for all those finishes in 2011. :D